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Art That Reflects the Topsy-Turvy World Around It – August 15, 2010
Israel Museum's new hourglass sculpture, by internationally acclaimed artist Anish Kapoor, was built locally in Oakland, California, by the same company that built the structure of the giant baseball mitt in San Francisco's AT&T Park.

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Revealing 'The Bean' – April 25, 2004
A look behind the scenes at one of the most important additions to public art in decades – Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate.

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The Lincoln Center Fountain Is Being Taught Some New Moves – August 25, 2009
PSI formed and fabricated the curvaceous stainless steel sections comprising the 50-foot diameter ring of the new fountain that delights visitors to Manhattan's Lincoln Center.

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Edited for Clarity – September 15, 2010
Renovation of the Jerusalem Museum with a new outdoor showpiece – Anish Kapoor's hourglass sculpture, built by PSI.

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Anish Kapoor Sculture Unveiled in Stata Center – September 2, 2010
Vertical dish, fabricated for Anish Kapoor, finds its home in Frank Gehry's building at MIT.

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Two 'Perspectives' Explore Art and Change – December 19, 2008
S-Curve on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

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Big Shoulders, Big Donors, Big Art – July 18, 2004
Cloud Gate, aka 'The Bean,' is comprised of 168 plates and an internal structure that were fabricated by PSI in Oakland, then trucked to Chicago. The sculpture was assembled on site, welded, ground and polished. It quickly became an icon for the city and a major tourist destination.