The making of the Jerusalem hourglass

A brief look at the making of the large hourglass, installed in Jerusalem in 2010. Dos Rios Films.

Installation of the vertical dish at MIT's Stata Center

A fast-forward view of the sculpture installation process, from the arrival of the massive crate to the final touch-up polishing of the large vertical dish.

Time Signature, San Francisco

Artist Richard Deutsch shares the evolution of his concept for Time Signature in San Francisco’s Foundry Square. In the second half of the video, the stainless steel ‘pods’ fabricated by PSI are craned into place and secured to an internal ‘mast' structure, standing nearly 50 feet high at completion.

Sky Mirror, Kensington Gardens — time-lapse video

A short time-lapse video of Sky Mirror in Kensington Gardens reflecting clouds moving across the sky.

Telegraph TV — Anish Kapoor: Turning the World Upside Down

Interview with Anish Kapoor at a major outdoor exhibition in London's Kensington Gardens. Video footage features Sky Mirror, c-curve and spire, fabricated by PSI for the artist.

France 24 — Leading International Artist Anish Kapoor Exhibits Work in Delhi

Interview with Anish Kapoor at the first exhibition of his work in India. The show, split between New Delhi and Mumbai, featured works fabricated by PSI for the artist, including a vertical dish, s-curve, hourglass, spire, and dented box.